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Exhibitor comments 2020

Andreas Ganal, Managing Director, and Erich Röhrenbach, Chairman of Obstregion Bodensee e.V.:
“Fruchtwelt Bodensee is a popular event. It is an important meeting place for the industry to engage in exchange and discussion. The opening event and the lectures were very well attended. The visitors to the fair were first rate, and many fruit growers took part. A large number a people from other European countries came to our stand, including representatives from South Tyrol, Austria, and Switzerland. Unfortunately, this year’s date was less convenient for those from Germany’s Altes Land region, which was noticeable in the visitor numbers.”

Dr. Manfred Büchele, Managing Director of the Research Center for Fruit Cultivation – Lake Constance (Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau-Bodensee):
“The new format with a discussion round during the opening event was interesting and varied, and the lectures that followed were also well attended. The Research Center for Fruit Cultivation – Lake Constance has a lot to contribute, which was also highlighted by representatives from the policymaking sphere in attendance. This year’s decision to provide and inside look at our extensive scientific work was a good one. Fruchtwelt Bodensee features a diverse range of products and services. In addition to nurseries and machinery, suppliers of plant protection products and research institutes are on hand to present a wide variety of approaches to solving problems.”

Thomas Fischer, Regional Manager of Lake Constance and the Bavarian Allgäu for Same Deutz-Fahr Germany:
“Fruchtwelt Bodensee is a fair that is tailor-made for a trade audience. The visitors are interested in technology and appreciate what is on exhibit. It’s a trade fair in which the emphasis is on quality over quantity. We sensed that customers were ready to invest. This fair is really important for our business. The geographical location of the border triangle is especially appealing to us, along with the fruit growing region and the special cultivation taking place locally, of course. Awareness has grown for the exhibition in recent years. This was the first time we participated as a manufacturer, since our brand was represented by the retail trade in previous years. Our new generation of machines has found the right stage for presentation here in southern Germany.”

Herbert Knupfer, Sales Location Manager for Ulm Beiselen GmbH:
“We are satisfied with how Fruchtwelt Bodensee has gone – even if it was a bit quieter on Saturday. We presented our new fertilizer for organic farming and could see that demand in this area is on the rise. There are definitely more people showing interest in this area. In general, the Fruchtwelt Bodensee location is ideal for us, because it is mainly a trade audience that you find here. In addition, it provides us with a good opportunity to interact with customers from Austria and Switzerland. This is where many special varieties are cultivated, so we fit in well here.”

Michael Weber, Managing Partner of VariCom:
“This year we presented the new brand Fred, a pear variety characterized by juiciness, firm and crunchy flesh, a red blush, and its exceptional tolerance to fire blight. It was very well received by producers with a variety of sales channels. The concept of Fruchtwelt Bodensee is really good. It is geographically located in the heart of Europe, and we are quite pleased with the outcome.”

Axel Dittus, Managing Director of Inovel Systeme:
“Fruchtwelt Bodensee is a home game for us and an event we simply can’t miss. As usual, the audience was made up of experts interested in technology. We noted a high level of interest in plant protection, which is certainly due to current discussions. At our booth we presented our new app, which makes it efficient and affordable to digitalize and document small machines. Our expectations were fulfilled. We were able to welcome to our stand many visitors from South Tyrol, Austria, and Switzerland, along with customers from Russia.”

Matthias Nitzsche, Commercial Manager for Kothe Distilling Technologies:
“The location on Lake Constance is important for us, since many plant manufacturers are represented here. A large number of interested parties who come to Fruchtwelt Bodensee and visit us appreciate this fair. We had good discussions and were the point of contact for existing customers to get answers to their service questions. New customers get a first impression of our company when it comes to distillation and running your own still. We received similarly positive feedback from our competitors.”

Erika Rack, Moosmann Sales:
“We had especially large crowds at our stand at the start of the fair on Friday. Presenting ourselves here in Friedrichshafen is a ‘must’ for us. Particularly in the packaging sector of the fruit cultivation industry, the focus is clearly on paper and cardboard. The end consumers are demanding a move away from plastic. In addition to our existing customers, we were also able to acquire many new customers, including customers from the neighboring countries of Austria, Switzerland, and even Holland. The visiting public here was truly international.”

Max Bangen, Business Development of Farmable AS (Norway):
“This was our first actual appearance at a trade fair and it went really well. We have been trying to gain a foothold in Germany since December 2019, so we are really just getting started. At Fruchtwelt Bodensee, we met with several industry stakeholders of relevance to us, especially ones from the fruit cultivation industry. That was also our primary objective here: finding fruit growers who want to test our software, exchanging ideas with other exhibitors and start-ups, and learning how to break into this market.”

Diana Robel, Hensing Sales:
“Fruchtwelt Bodensee is an important trade fair for us, because this is where we come into contact with the customer sector in which we see potential. We would have liked to have had a few more visitors, and the competition in the automation segment has increased considerably.”