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Fruchtwelt Bodensee looking for founders of startups relating to all aspects of fruit growing and agricultural technology

Trade fair for commercial fruit cultivation, distillation,and agricultural technology aids startups with free presentation

 At Fruchtwelt Bodensee, young entrepreneurs with ideas on fruit cultivation and agriculture are to be given a platform for networking and drawing the attention of international trade visitors to their ideas. Starting now, founders of startups can apply to present themselves at no charge in the new startup area of the trade fair. “We our offering new market participants the opportunity to showcase their innovative products and services, which could range from practical approaches to fruit waste recycling through to digital solutions. Communication between young and established companies offers something for both sides: some will benefit from the experience and others from the innovation or a new way of thinking,” says Project Manager Petra Rathgeber.

From February 14 to 16, farmers, fruit growers, and distillers from all over Europe, along with around 400 exhibitors, will come together to find out more about and exchange ideas relating to commercial fruit cultivation, distillation, and agricultural technology. The professional highlight of the fair will be the 39th Lake Constance Fruit Growing Days, which includes a program of lectures on current topics relating to cultivation methods, land use, processing, marketing, and new legislation.

Fruchtwelt Bodensee will be open from February 14 to 16, 2020.