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The issue of biodiversity is shaking up the industry: Trade fair offers platform for exchange

Fruchtwelt Bodensee, February 14 to 16, 2020 – Some 370 exhibitors share information about commercial fruit growing, distillation, and agricultural technology

Complex topics such as biodiversity and digitalization are a hot topic of discussion among fruit growers and farmers. From February 14 to 16, 2020, Fruchtwelt Bodensee offers an international platform for exchange. Some 370 exhibitors will have an extensive range of products on display and, along with experts from the supporting lecture program of the Lake Constance Fruit Growing Days, will be informing visitors about new solutions and trends in agriculture, cultivation technology, and processing methods. Dr. Wilhelm Kremer-Schillings, a farmer from Germany’s Lower Rhine region known in blogging circles as “Farmer Willi,” has announced his intention of giving a presentation on the Friday of the fair.

“The issue of biodiversity is currently attracting a great deal of attention among the public and is at the same time a politically charged topic. Fruchtwelt Bodensee offers an excellent platform for discussion and exchange of information at just the right point in time, because the course for the future is currently being set anew,” Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and Project Manager Petra Rathgeber assert. The opening event on the Friday of the trade fair will be an opportunity for participants from associations and the policy sphere to address the current discussion on the protection of biodiversity and the associated challenges. The fair will also be focusing on young companies: “For the first time, we will have a Start-Up area in which new market participants will get the opportunity to present their products and services,” says Petra Rathgeber. Exhibitors will also have a common area to present their range of store fittings, vending machines, and products for farm shops. Information to accompany this offer will be provided in a series of lectures on the topic of “Direct Sales by Vending Machine” on the Sunday of the trade fair.

Farmer Willi, initiator of the green cross movement, to give speech

With blogs on the Internet and a book, Dr. Wilhelm Kremer-Schillings from the Lower Rhine of Germany has made a name for himself as “Farmer Willi.” He wants to explain the demands of modern agriculture and talk to consumers in an open and straightforward manner. It was his idea to call on farmers to protest against the agricultural package of Germany’s federal government with green wooden crosses in their fields. In Baden-Württemberg, a particularly large number of farmers are currently taking part in the campaign to draw attention to the problems that will arise from the ongoing referendum. At 2 pm on the Friday of the fair, he will explain the interconnections and dependencies in production and fresh market products in agriculture and especially in fruit growing.

The latest from the 39th Lake Constance Fruit Days

The highlight of the show is the 39th Lake Constance Fruit Growing Days. Presentations and discussions will be held in Foyer West and Conference Center West, primarily organized by the Competence Center Fruit Growing Lake Constance (KOB). “After several years with external speakers, we decided this time to take a look at our extensive scientific work at the KOB. The focus is on current challenges and content of practical relevance but also on interesting facts for the general public,” explains KOB Managing Director Dr. Manfred Büchele. Dr. Christian Scheer, for example, deals with the increasing problem of the disease of scab, while Martin Trautmann’s lecture focuses on newly immigrated pathogens.

Intensive cultivation technology for pomaceous and stone fruit

The question of the intensity of cultivation in fruit growing is raised again and again due to new developments in production technology and cultivation management as well as changed economic conditions. High investment costs, labor costs rising with the minimum wage, and declining availability of labor require new, optimized cultivation techniques with early harvest and fast recovery of capital. KOB has hosted a wide array of trials, which will be presented in a lecture by Dr. Büchele and Thomas Kininger.

The increasing importance of mechanical pruning of fruit trees

The option of mechanical pruning of fruit trees is becoming increasingly important as farm sizes increase and labor costs rise. Instead of individually coordinated cutting and forming tasks, implements with tools that rotate or go back and forth are used, which have a variety of effects on cultivation. KOB has carried out several years of research on machine cutting. In his presentation, Michael Zoth will report on advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

Automatic enrichment: Direct sales by vending machine

A separate lecture series, organized by the Lake Constance District Office, deals with the topic of “Direct Sales by Vending Machine.” “Use of vending machines for sales is on the rise because it is seen as a cost-saving alternative or supplement to existing farm shops outside opening hours. We have already been able to accumulate some experience with it, which we want to share on Sunday,” reports Dr. Hermann Gabele, Head of the Lake Constance District Agricultural Office. To kick off the lecture series, Dr. Hermann Gabele will provide information on legal design and safety regulations for setting up vending machines. Thomas Schädler of the Consulting Service for Direct-Selling Growers of Ludwigsburg will explain opportunities and risks associated with sales from vending machines, and Ute Welsch of the Lake Constance District Agricultural Office will present grant opportunities. In addition, other speakers will examine practical aspects.

A promising future: Digitalization in agriculture

Digitalization in agriculture is currently being discussed due to the potential increase in productivity and thus sustainability as well as the reduction in working hours and the facilitation of work in general. The aim is to reduce the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and energy. In a special show, Machinery Rings Tettnang, Linzgau, and Lindau will demonstrate what possibilities are already being made a reality in the area of smart farming, what opportunities are being brought about, and also what will be required of agricultural entrepreneurs of the future. “Digital solutions for application of crop protection agents and the technology for autonomous driving are promising but not yet widespread. We will be showing visions that have already been implemented and that can reach volume-production maturity in the next five years,” reports Hubert Hengge, Managing Director of Machinery Ring Tettnang.

High-proof beverages: Distillers focus on fine liquors

The area of distillery technology and distillery needs is another important part of the trade fair. Exhibitors in Hall B2 will be showcasing products from the areas of distillery and distillates. At the stand of the Association of Small and Fruit Distillers South Württemberg/Hohenzollern, products awarded gold and silver medals can be sampled, and Distillate Queen Vera Bullinger is expected on the weekend. On Saturday, Phillip Schwarz will give two short presentations on grain mashes for whiskey production and cleaning of stills. In the presentation “Successful at the Market,” advertising agency Alpenblickdrei will be providing tips on how you attract attention with a suitable presence on the Internet and in social media. On the Sunday of the fair, Ulrich Jakob Zeni will speak about contemporary presentation of fruit brandies.

Prices and opening hours

Fruchtwelt Bodensee will be open from February 14 to 16, 2020, Friday and Saturday 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday 9 am to 5 pm. A day ticket costs 16 euros, with tickets bought online selling for 12 euros.